On balancing high throughput blockchain network fees for security and adoption

  • cryptography — it is not feasible for a bad actor to hack the system and alter the records since it requires too much computation resources to break the codes.
  • validators fees — becoming a very large validator allows a bad actor to alter some records (the ones created by the actor or its related parties). A large enough flow of fees, provided in a way, that ensures the validators invest a lot to have the right to validate, makes it hard for a bad actor to become a large validator and tamper with the system.
  • number and diversity of validators.
  • The use-case of powering the financial markets where there is a need to move assets worth billions of dollars back and forth multiple times a second requires a separate discussion.
  • The storage fees are also a topic for a separate discussion.



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Artem Burachenok

Artem Burachenok


Builder & venture/angel investor in tech | AI, Energy, Startups, Investing | Posts include investments | https://twitter.com/Burachenok