Evaluating blockchain use cases


With the crypto tokens’ prices falling across the board we thought it makes sense to discuss what we see as the main point of confusion about the blockchain ecosystem (BCE) and its value.

  • broad “top down” assertions that blockchain will replace the world’s financial system, reinvent the internet, or maybe even political structure;
  • and skeptical observations that BCE is a massive bubble that so far failed to demonstrate valuable use cases outside of wild speculation (and linked activities like borrowing cash/coins to go leveraged long/short) and outright Ponzi schemes.

Defining key value drivers

In this 2 minute video, Bill Gates explains the internet to David Letterman. David struggles to understand the value of a baseball game translation, and justifiably so. The internet has so many properties, as a communication system and it was easy to focus on the wrong ones when estimating its value.

Blockchain KVDs

We describe blockchain as a set of records. And more elaborately as a

  • trustless/permissionless;
  • anonymous;

Use cases

Based on the key drivers above, we should expect thriving blockchain use cases where:

  • A trusted intermediary is absent, too expensive, or is losing trust
  • There is a need for anonymity of parties



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Artem Burachenok

Artem Burachenok


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