Billion dollar coaches

Artem Burachenok
1 min readMay 8, 2023

A great coach can be an incredibly valuable partner to the startup CEO, but finding one can be challenging. To help with the search, below are the coaches recommended to me by the CEOs of multiple $1B+ companies (hence the name) like Automattic, Cockroach Labs, Outreach, Aurora Solar, StockX, ApplyBoard, Oura, among others.

Each of them has their own unique style and background, which may make them well-suited for a specific stage of your company (early, growth, public). The best strategy is to reach out to a few and see who you resonate with.

If you’d like more color — I know many of them personally, feel free to reach out to discuss.

This list is by no means exhaustive. First, it only includes coaches recommended by the $1B+ startups’ CEOs. Also, we weren’t able to get recommendations from every company above this valuation mark. If you’re a founder and would like to recommend your coach — please let me know and we will add them to the list (please reach out even if you haven’t yet reached a $1B valuation).